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| December 28, 2016

Research the following areas and provide 3-5 sentence answers on each question:

1) Why is documentation important when accounting for patient care?

2) What are medical errors and how can they be prevented?

3) What are approved medical abbreviations and why are they used?

4) What is an electronic medical record and what are your views on this model as compared to the paper system?

5) What is HIPPA and why is it important to keep in mind with documentation?

An OTA documents an individual’s performance during a stress management group. According to established documentation standards, which statement should the OTA include in the daily progress note?

The client completed the checklist of stressors in an appropriate amount of time
The client was able to identify three current life stressors
The client appeared upset and tense throughout the session.
The client stated walking is a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Know the difference between grading and adapting? Be prepared to present this material in lab III. What are some examples on how this can facilitate your therapeutic intervention after doing a task analysis? Be prepared to present this in lab to the group.

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